here you shall find a smattering of writing. Both fictional and nonfictional, both versed and,, not versed. this is where it all shall live

Entry 1: hi !!

So, for the record, Both the education and non-education related writings will go here. Reader beware, you're in for a scare?

Entry 2, Writing Prompt 1."Something in high school you had to learn the hard way"

every damn thing. everything. i swear
No, no. What I have actually learned is that you don't have to help everyone all of the time. I have.. blocked a few people this year. But learning something is different than applying it, so really I still have a long way to go, in a lot of different ways.

Entry 3: To Do List.

this entry will function as a running list of my goals for this site. some will be added, some will be removed, you get it.

  • add more graphics to the sidebars to make it look more interesting
  • an exercise in cacophonics...
  • figure out the image placements thing so it wont be in a different place every time aaaauughh
  • Entry 4: The taste of yogurt and futility.

    I find myself lost in the feeling of this yogurt. Not a pleasant kind of lost, but an aimless meandering. From nowhere, to nowhere. Searching for meaning and finding none, save for the flavour of peaches. What I have to say may never be believed by those who need to hear it. I speak and the words just feel like yogurt in my mouth.

    Entry 5, Rambling Gets Meta.

    Okay so if this is where my writing is supposed to go, and i don't have to limit my writing to be palatable to the general audience, then logically i should be able to put whatever i want here, right? That makes sense but i dont think thats actually how it works here. I have plans but i dont really have the motivation or html know-how to execute them properly. I want to try to put more effort into this site like how i did back in February, because i realize when im working on coding the ideas all sort of flow together, and im hopping from one thing to another in a silly little frenzy, and that is so much fun. Its like a sugar rush.

    ..I digress. This website is very cheery, very joyful. Some things wouldnt fit here, you catch me? Plans. And a lot of MS paint.